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Welcome to Emperor’s Circle of Shen Yun


The mission of Emperor’s Circle is to connect you to a deeper personal experience of traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun Academy of Art’s mission of reviving the very best of China’s 5,000 years of civilization through the art of storytelling, dance, music, and opera reflects the common core values of respect, honesty, loyalty, humility, tolerance, sacrifice, self-discipline, selflessness, and hard-work. This ancient wisdom of compassion, honor and integrity in which, people live in harmony with nature and the universe can permeate this world again.

The Emperor's Circle will directly support Shen Yun's mission to promote traditional Chinese culture through the arts. Members will have the opportunity to learn and to experience the authentic multi-facets of the Chinese traditional culture. Through the various activities and events, members can obtain many benefits, such as: A healthier quality of life via the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acquiring authentic Chinese collectibles, making new like minded friends, and access to a wealth of professionals who are experts in various aspects of Chinese culture.

Membership is free. You will receive announcements of many events and outings as well as future performances by the Shun Yun Academy of Art that include their Shen Yun No. 1 Show in the world as well as the Shen Yun Symphony orchestra.

Some sample high-lights of events include:


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Claremont, CA

March 30–April 1, 2018

Bridges Auditorium - Pomona College

Costa Mesa, CA

April 3–8, 2018

Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Thousand Oaks, CA

April 10–11, 2018

The Fred Kavli Theatre

Downtown LA, CA

April 14–15, 2018

Microsoft Theater

San Luis Obispo, CA

April 17–18, 2018

Performing Arts Center San Luis Obispo

Long Beach

April 20–22, 2018

Terrace Theater

Northridge, CA

April 24–25, 2018

Valley Performing Arts Center

Palm Desert, CA

April 27–28, 2018

McCallum Theatre



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